Feminine Roadmap

FR Ep 083: Simple Ways to Beat Anxiety with Mel Bonthuys

June 3, 2019

In today's episode of Feminine Roadmap, Gina and her guest, Mel Bonthuys, have a heart to heart talk about living with anxiety. Anxiety is a daily struggle for many people and with all of the massive changes that can come into our lives that anxiety can become unbearable. Mel shares her own personal struggle with panic attacks and anxiety, how her journey led her to begin to find ways that she could not only survive but thrive as she learned ways to manage her anxiety. Mel's message comes straight from her heart as she wants people to know that she understands the overwhelming feelings that come with anxiety, how it can feel like you are completely debilitated and that is the reason she wrote her book, "120 Greatest Anxiety Hacks." Listen in as Mel shares her journey and several of the hacks that helped her handle her anxiety in a way that enabled her to get back to living life again. Grab a cuppa something wonderful and a friend who needs this powerful information and listen in. Resources are available at www.feminineroadmap.com/episode083/