Feminine Roadmap

FR Ep 105: Becoming a Better You with LaToyia Dennis

November 3, 2019

Today on Feminine Roadmap we talk about becoming a better you with author, non profit professional and Motivated Mom LaToyia Dennis. LaToyia encourages listeners to hatch, leap and soar by tapping into past experiences and stepping out to navigate new experiences in order to become the best you that you can be. She believes that the process of hatching, leaping and soaring is a continual and simultaneous process that we need to practice leaning into, embracing the uncomfortable and pushing through our barriers. As we peel back the layers, take inventory of our lives and how we have grown and changed we are more capable of becoming the best we can be. We encourage you to grab a cuppa something wonderful, a good friend, and listen to this practical, inspiring and motivating conversation about becoming a better you. www.feminineroadmap.com/episode105/