Feminine Roadmap

FR Ep 103: How to Avoid Burnout with Dr. Nisha Jackson

October 20, 2019

Today on Feminine Roadmap, Gina and her guest Dr. Nisha Jackson talk about how to avoid burnout. Dr. Nisha reveals the impact stress has on our adrenal glands and the impact that has on our overall health. Identifying health trends on stress from technology to sleep to relationships, Dr. Nisha shares practical strategies to begin to undo the negative impacts of stress already happening to us as well as putting practices in place to manage stress on a regular basis. While burnout is at an all time high, you can avoid becoming a victim of this all too common condition using the life empowering information in this conversation. Go ahead and grab a cuppa something wonderful (some chamomile tea maybe), light a candle and join us. www.feminineroadmap.com/episode103/