Feminine Roadmap

FR Ep 101: Midlife Reboot with Dr. Ellen Albertson

October 6, 2019

Today on Feminine Roadmap Gina and her guest Dr. Ellen Albertson talk midlife reboot, rediscovering and reinventing yourself in the second half of life. In this conversation the concept of midlife is turned on it’s head and given a powerful perspective and purpose. We arrive at the second half of life with a myriad of life experiences, skills, abilities and perspectives that empower us to reinvent ourselves in a way that brings great joy and energy. Instead of dreading midlife, Dr. Ellen encourages listeners to let go of who you think you’re supposed to be, fully embrace who you are and find the confidence to boldly craft an incredible second half of life. What big, audacious dream do you need to revive today? Grab a cuppa something wonderful, a girlfriend and your BHAG then click play to start your journey today! www.feminineroadmap.com/episode101/